Happy Going Home!

This week, after a long journey with us that began in our Respiratory Therapy Department, Deborah H. was finally able to discharge home! To celebrate her extraordinary progress, our therapy department did a small and socially distant send-off with PPE. She told Denise, our Speech Therapist, that the first thing she wanted to eat when she got home was a loaded baked potato, so we did a baked potato bar for her in honor of her going home. Deborah has worked so hard with therapy including PT/OT/ST in order to go back home. Her husband, Steve recently, successfully completed training with PT in order to feel prepared with performing transfers with her in their home. Her faith and dedication are

Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Stephen Browning

While our Success Stories series highlights patients, our new series, Meet Our Respiratory Therapists will highlight . . . you guessed it . . . members of our RT team. To kick off the celebration, we'll begin with Stephen Browning, who has been a Respiratory Therapist for over 22 years! If you walk down the West Hall at Summit View, you might hear a familiar southern voice coming out of nowhere and breaking out in a good ole country song from the hallway or from a patient’s room. Steve brings a sense of comfort and a deep calming effect with his great sense of humor and singing. Steve chose to pursue respiratory therapy, in part, from personal experience. He had a tracheostomy at only 3 year

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