Success Story: Ashley

After spending several days on life support, she was ultimately liberated from the ventilator and was discharged.

Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Rhonda "Sunie" Mann

Her personality lights up the hallways of Summit View, and she just shines in every situation hence the name “Sunie”. She always goes above and beyond to give the best quality of care to her patients. A good example of her generous spirit is the way she goes to patients' rooms to read to them just to calm them down. Sunie has been a therapist for 40 years working in the hospital settings including the ICU and ER, but she fell in love with working at Summit View and loves her patients deeply. She decided to be a respiratory therapist after helping take care of her mother who had cancer when Sunie was 16. She was impressed with the respiratory therapists that helped take care of her mother and

Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: The Ambers

Amber Holt (Right) From her beautiful smile to her sweet and calm approach, patients just love having Amber as their respiratory therapist. She has a way of making the patients feel at ease when they are anxious or frightened, and nothing is more frightening than not being able to breathe. Amber has been a therapist for over 9 years working in the ER, NICU, and ICU. Amber says, “I wanted to go into the medical field and make a difference in people’s lives that needed help breathing, and I feel as though my friendly personality has helped with being able to get along with my patients and help care for them. I enjoy my job.” Speaking about Covid, she adds , “It is scary for me. You don’t know

Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Ciji Manning

From her spontaneous, dry sense of humor to her soft-spoken voice and charming smile, Ciji has a way of making her patients feel comfortable and not anxious. She has a way making them feel more like family than patients. Ciji decided to be a respiratory therapist because an acquaintance introduced her to the job. She has been a therapist for 14 years and has worked in acute care settings as well as the hospital in the ICU, and NICU. Speaking about Covid, Ciji says, “It is scary and unknown especially since I have a child with an airway defect (tracheomalacia) and children in school.” She adds that she has been through H1N1 and Ebola and multiple other infectious diseases so she just keeps a

Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Teresa Mitchell

If you are a patient or a coworker, you might notice her striking, beautiful blue eyes looking at you through her goggles or face shield. That is our Teresa. Teresa has been a respiratory therapist for 5 years and has always loved taking care of others. She chose respiratory because she had been diagnosed with asthma. Because of this, she said she wanted to learn more about asthma and enjoyed taking care of people, so a respiratory therapist was the obvious career choice for her. Teresa says that during this Covid pandemic, “It is scary, and being in this field with asthma makes it even scarier, but I love my job, and I can’t imagine not taking care of patients who can’t breathe because I kn

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