Success Story: William M.

William M. admitted to Summit View of Farragut on May 31, 2019 for skilled therapy services including Respiratory Therapy. He admitted to us with a tracheostomy, chronic obstructive sleep apnea, and a wound on his right foot. During his hospitalization, Bill lost 60 lbs which resulted in significant strength and respiratory deficits. Despite the setbacks he faced, Bill remained steadfast and determined to regain his strength with the ultimate goal of returning home.

His determination paid off. Our Respiratory Therapists continued the process of capping Bill’s tracheostomy with the hope of eventual decannulation (the process whereby a tracheostomy tube is removed once the patient no longer needs it).

Bill worked hard every day with Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy. He quickly became ambulatory, using a rolling walker for mobility with little to no assistance from staff in less than a couple weeks. Bill told us he had been non-ambulatory for two and a half years prior to his hospitalization at home (due to his chronic wound), so the use of a rolling walker with almost no assistance was a massive accomplishment for him!

And his success continued!

Prior to decannulation, Respiratory Therapy began using a bi-pap at night to ensure adequate management of his OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). He was then successfully decannulated after tolerating five straight days of capping along with the use of his bi-pap at night.

Upon decannulation, Bill stated that he felt, “much happier and normal.”

He also stated that he felt “healthier.”

Respiratory Therapy continued to implement the bi-pap at night post decannulation, however, Bill’s tolerance of the bi-pap decreased with his saturation levels dropping at times. Because of this, Respiratory Therapy swiftly moved to plan B: a non-invasive ventilator called the “Trilogy.”

After trialing the Trilogy, Bill reported that he felt, “much more refreshed after awakening from a solid night’s sleep”. He also said that his,“sleep improved vastly.”

Bill continued to progress while focusing on his ultimate goal of returning home, and in fewer than 30 days, Bill was able to return home to his sister and dogs with the Trilogy and home health services. Bill said he felt “physically prepared, confident, and motivated about going home.”

When asked for his opinion of Summit View of Farragut’s Respiratory Therapy, Bill said, “They’re very good. They push you just enough and to your limits.”

We asked for his opinion of Summit View of Farragut’s Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy and he said:

“They’re very good. All the therapists I’ve worked with have been excellent. They want you to do the best you can in a short amount of time. When I got here, I could only walk 19-20 feet. Now I can, upon leaving here, I can walk like 150 feet with stand by assistance. I can take a shower by myself now and get dressed with little to no help. Speech has helped me improve. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who has to need physical therapy after an operation.”

We're fortunate to have the opportunity to work with patients like Bill, and we're especially happy to see patients progress to higher and higher levels of independence.

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