Success Story: Ricky S.

In November of 2019, Ricky S. was working full-time as a forklift operator. He had always been a fit and healthy man, trained as a body builder, and a skilled home cook in love with his vegetable garden. For Ricky, a stroke was a sure surprise, but in mid November, he did, in fact, suffer one that landed him at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge. He stayed there as an inpatient for two weeks and was discharged to Summit View of Farragut for physical, speech, and occupational therapy .

Unable to afford the health insurance offered to him by his employer, he was fortunate enough to become a Covenant Scholarship Recipient. The Covenant Scholarship pays for qualified patients to receive skilled care in area facilities.

When he arrived at Summit View of Farragut on December 6th, he was wheelchair-bound and suffered from aphasia and hemiplegia.

Because the hemiplegia affected his dominant side, Ricky faced an extra challenge: He had to learn to use his non-dominant upper extremity to perform and complete all tasks. The therapy team at Summit View of Farragut, however, successfully taught him compensatory strategies and techniques that allowed him to overcome this particular deficit.

After several weeks of intensive therapy in all three disciplines, he regained his ability to speak clearly and articulately and also recovered his strength and balance. During his interview in early February, he was easily and confidently standing and walking short distances with a cane and transferring from a sitting to standing position. His happiness at having regained this level of functioning was obvious. He talked excitedly about his discharge plans of returning home to stay with his son and getting back to cooking healthy meals in his own kitchen.

Ricky was also very grateful for both the Covenant Scholarship as well as the quality of care he received at Summit View.

"The therapists know how to push you and encourage you to make it and get better . . . they make it fun, and they keep it challenging. They all make you feel like family, and they make me want to work hard for them. They're wonderful! I can't tell you how much I appreciate them!"

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