Success Story: Doris N.

Born in Georgia, Doris moved to Sevierville, Tennessee when she was just 15 years old. She worked as a cashier at a steakhouse for several years, and now at 67 years of age, she enjoys her life with her husband of 41 years and her son, daughter, and fur baby named "Lil Bit

Her journey started out at LeConte Medical Center where she was admitted with pancreatitis on 03/09/20. There she was ultimately intubated on 3/16/20 and placed on a ventilator after going into respiratory distress. She received a tracheostomy on 03/19/20 and was then transferred to Select Specialty Hospital on 3/29/20.

While at Select, she was weaned off of the ventilator and had been doing well until she was found pulseless and in V-fib arrest. A code blue was initiated and compressions were done per ACLS protocol until the she returned to ROSC. The patient began weaning again and was able to transfer to a trach collar before being discharged to SVF.

She was transferred to Summit View of Farragut on 05/06/20. Our respiratory therapy team capped her right away. Then they worked with her aggressively and were able to decannulate her trach on 05/22/20.

She was able to be discharged to her home on 06/04/20 to be with her family and her dog.

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