Success Story: David K.

David K. admitted to Summit View of Farragut on March 27, 2020.

He was interviewed on May 21, 2020, the day prior to his return home.

We asked him what he remembered about his accident. He said the following,

"I was on my way to Pilot for Coffee. I ran into a tree . . . just didn’t see it. It was a morning in January, and the windshield was frosty. I went off road and into the median from what I remember. I don’t remember the accident much at all. I don’t remember the paramedics coming or being at UT hospital. Seems like a blur. My first memories are from when I was at Select Specialty Hospital. I started understanding more about what happened. I didn’t know I had a collapsed lung or fractured ribs and vertebrae. I don’t remember getting the trach, either".

In addition to the injuries he recalled above, he also suffered a right leg acetabular fracture and posterior hip dislocation as well as a left arm humerus fracture. He was ordered by his doctor to forego bearing weight through either for several weeks. He remained non-weight bearing on his right leg and left arm upon his admission to Summit View of Farragut.

David was successfully weaned from the vent at Select Specialty Hospital, however, still had the tracheostomy upon his arrival to Summit View of Farragut. Our Respiratory Therapists worked closely and diligently with Mr. Kidd to eventually achieve decannulation, despite multiple obstacles including addressing a nodule found in between his vocal cords and epiglottis. A biopsy was scheduled with his newly appointed ENT whom successfully removed the nodule.

Upon his return from the procedure, our Respiratory Therapists capped his tracheostomy for three days. After day three, David was successfully decannulated, allowing him to use oxygen as needed via a nasal cannula. He reported feeling “happy” that he was finally able to get decannulated and that the Respiratory Therapists were “very nice and helpful".

Addressing his respiratory complications was only part of Dave's rehabilitation. He still had to learn how to walk and transfer again following his extensive injuries. While non-weightbearing, he continued to perform strengthening exercises and was trained in compensatory techniques. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists followed orders written by his doctor with regard to reintegrating range of motion and weight bearing tasks to both his left arm and right leg.

David stated, “Therapy hasn’t been boring. It’s been interesting and helpful. They are really helpful and knowledgeable, all of them".

After his weight bearing precautions were completely lifted, David was able to eventually walk without an assistive device and undergo stair training within a few days! He also stated that he was challenged appropriately and felt not only physically but mentally prepared to return home, ending our interview with a big “thank you"!

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