Success Story: Cheryl P.

Cheryl P. admitted to Summit View of Farragut on June 3, 2020 from Select Specialty Hospital. She recalled being unable to walk with limited use of her arms and legs due to weakness upon arrival. Cheryl was very emotional at first and eager to go home, however, after a couple weeks, as progress became more and more consistent, Cheryl felt more encouraged with renewed focus on returning home safely.

At the time of her discharge, Cheryl was able to walk considerable distances using a rolling walker independently as well as ascend and descend up to 12 steps. She feels fully prepared to return home safely with her spouse and determined to carry out her home exercise program provided prior to discharge.

She also said that she received, “Really good training” in regards to her tracheostomy care.

A nodule discovered on Mrs. Phillips’s thyroid prior to her admission to SVF prevented our respiratory therapists from pursuing decannulation, however, Cheryl is hopeful that her ENT will remove her tracheostomy at her next follow up appointment if indicated.

Our respiratory team worked with Cheryl to achieve independence during tracheostomy care prior to her return home and increase her tolerance using the Passy Muir Speaking Valve.

We are so happy for Cheryl and wish her the best at home! We’re confident she will do great along with the support from her loved ones!

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