Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Ciji Manning

From her spontaneous, dry sense of humor to her soft-spoken voice and charming smile, Ciji has a way of making her patients feel comfortable and not anxious. She has a way making them feel more like family than patients.

Ciji decided to be a respiratory therapist because an acquaintance introduced her to the job.

She has been a therapist for 14 years and has worked in acute care settings as well as the hospital in the ICU, and NICU.

Speaking about Covid, Ciji says, “It is scary and unknown especially since I have a child with an airway defect (tracheomalacia) and children in school.” She adds that she has been through H1N1 and Ebola and multiple other infectious diseases so she just keeps a positive attitude and takes care of her patients and family to the best of her ability.” We're lucky to have you onboard, Ciji!

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