Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: The Ambers

Amber Holt and Amber Dean cleaning a vent

Amber Holt (Right)

From her beautiful smile to her sweet and calm approach, patients just love having Amber as their respiratory therapist. She has a way of making the patients feel at ease when they are anxious or frightened, and nothing is more frightening than not being able to breathe.

Amber has been a therapist for over 9 years working in the ER, NICU, and ICU.

Amber says, “I wanted to go into the medical field and make a difference in people’s lives that needed help breathing, and I feel as though my friendly personality has helped with being able to get along with my patients and help care for them. I enjoy my job.”

Speaking about Covid, she adds , “It is scary for me. You don’t know what is going to happen in the coming months. At times it can be stressful, but we just have to keep doing our best job and we will make it through these uncertain times!”

Amber Dean (Left)

Her sweet southern voice and beautiful smile just brighten up the room and make her patients feel like they are at home. Amber’s personality and sweet approach makes the patients feel safe, and they know they are in good hands when she is their therapist.

Amber decided to be a respiratory therapist to make a difference in the lives of the people she has cared for.

“I get the opportunity to help people breathe easier and cope with chronic illnesses.”

She has been a therapist for 4 years working in the hospital setting in the ICU and ER.

Amber says that,

“Working during Covid has been a scary situation, but also a learning process. We worry about exposing our friends and family daily, while knowing our residents need us as well.”

A huge THANK YOU to you both!


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