Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Rhonda "Sunie" Mann

Her personality lights up the hallways of Summit View, and she just shines in every situation hence the name “Sunie”.

She always goes above and beyond to give the best quality of care to her patients. A good example of her generous spirit is the way she goes to patients' rooms to read to them just to calm them down.

Sunie has been a therapist for 40 years working in the hospital settings including the ICU and ER, but she fell in love with working at Summit View and loves her patients deeply.

She decided to be a respiratory therapist after helping take care of her mother who had cancer when Sunie was 16. She was impressed with the respiratory therapists that helped take care of her mother and decided that was what she wanted to do.

Sunie says, “These are trying yet rewarding times working during this Covid pandemic, but I know I have the skills to take care of these patients and they are my priority!”

You're truly one of a kind, Sunie!

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