Meet Our Respiratory Therapists: Chris Hoskins

Patients on the West Hall at Summit View of Farragut might be lucky enough to have Chris taking care of them on the night shift. Why? Well because Chris has a gentle and mellow approach to treatment and this helps patients feel much more at ease.

Chris is always there when you need him, and he brings an air of serenity to his patient’s to help them get through what can be a very fearful situation.

He has been a respiratory therapist for over 27 years! He decided to be a respiratory therapist partly because he has been a lifelong asthmatic, so he has a first-hand understanding of what his patients are experiencing.

He has worked in a variety of settings including the ICU, ER, and in SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities).

Chris says that, “The COVID pandemic is scary especially due to all the unknowns!” But thankfully we have you with us to help make the situation less scary! Thanks for all you do, Chris!

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