Success Story: Martha R.

Martha R. admitted to Summit View of Farragut on August 18th of this year. She came to us following surgery to address multiple extensive wounds, including one to her right foot. Following her surgery, her doctor also ordered for her to remain non-weight bearing to her right lower extremity while the wound healed.

She required extensive assistance to perform transfers in and out of bed as well as self-care tasks.

Martha received skilled Physical and Occupational Therapy services seven days a week in addition to wound care treatment by our nursing staff. With a lot of hard work and determination, Martha has progressed to the point that she can now return home to her family.

As her wounds healed, her weight bearing status increased allowing her to begin the task of walking again. She is now able to walk up to 60 feet using a rolling walker and performs all transfers with distant supervision.

When asked about her therapy Martha stated,

“It’s awesome. Everyone has pitched in and helped to give you your life back, just like they did mine.”

With regard to the difficulty of her therapy, she stated,

“The therapists pushed me appropriately and always gave me homework. Step by step by step at each level, they worked to continue to help me make gains. If I didn’t understand something, Dayle, Dwight or Aaron broke it down for me. You’ve got a great team.”

We are so proud of Martha and the progress she made while receiving therapy at Summit View of Farragut. We know she will do great at home. We're delighted that she looks forward to coming back to volunteer with our activities department. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your recovery story, Martha!

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